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One-to-one support for Oxbridge candidates

There are three options for individual support. Oxbridge candidates can pick and choose, depending on their needs and where in the process they’ve reached.

1) Oxbridge Candidates’ Secret Weapon masterclass

This 12 part audio masterclass supports Oxbridge candidates with personal statement writing and interview preparation in step-by-step exercises. Candidates explore what admissions tutors are looking for, reflect on their motivations to apply and draft a strong personal statement. They then use this writing process as a foundation for interview preparation, and handle any wobbles around the interview itself. The entire course can be completed in 6 weeks, and you can sample the first episode for free.

Total cost £250.

This course can be used as a complete interview preparation and personal statement writing resource. Alternatively the masterclasses can be used a spring board into the one-to-one sessions outlined below.

The self-guided nature of the course is a test of a candidates’ commitment to their application. If the candidate prefers, we can take them through the exercises and techniques from the course in one-to-one sessions. Unless there are special circumstances, we would also query their suitability for an Oxbridge application if they require handholding at this stage.    

2) Personal statement editing support

Once the candidate has a strong personal statement draft, we can provide guidance on editing to ensure the candidate is presenting themselves well.

We can’t do the work for the candidate. We can help the candidate to reflect on what they want to say, compared with what we know the admissions teams are looking for. We also explore questions the personal statement is likely to provoke at interview.

Per session £300.

NB We will ask to see the draft personal statement to estimate how many sessions this will require. Someone who’s completed the online course may need only one or two sessions. Someone working from scratch, might take more than 10 sessions. (This isn’t the best use of resources!) We are of course happy to look at personal statements written under the guidance of others.

3) Interview preparation 

There are two options here:

Interview technique  These sessions are for candidates who need to work on general interview technique. This might include managing nerves, thinking under pressure, communicating well and being authentic. For candidates who’ve completed the audio masterclass course, and have no significant problem around nerves, one or two sessions can be transformative. Without the course, practising techniques and working through exercises might take up to 6 sessions.

Subject specific preparation  We have a network of tutors who can support candidates to sharpen their subject specific skills. This work would largely take the form of mock interview(s), plus feedback and practice. Mock interviews are based on personal statement, texts and/or problems (depending on the subject). Again, one or two sessions would be transformative.

Per session £400.


Whatever route the candidate decides to take, starting soon is important.  Personal statement writing is particularly pressing in order to leave candidates time to close any gaps in reading (for example) over the summer. 

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