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What does Impetus Coaching do? Take your pick…

One-to-one coaching

Whether you are a candidate, or the parent of a candidate, if you’re considering taking on some one-to-one support, we provide a variety of options to choose from. 

Your package will include a combination of personal statement drafting guidance and/or subject specific support and/or coaching around whatever is getting in the way of a confident interview performance. You also have the option to choose a one-off conversation to explore whether an Oxbridge application is right for you. 

Sessions can be provided face-to-face or remotely, or a combination of the two.



Whether you’re a teacher, parent or prospective Oxbridge candidate, one of our workshops might be the right starting point for you.

During our Oxbridge Success workshops, participants are engaged in a practical, supportive and fun learning environment and…

›  Find out what the interviewers are looking for 

›  Prepare themselves to answer challenging questions 

›  Understand how to cope with nerves 

›  Practise interview questions (with constructive feedback) 

›  Discover how to cope when they get stuck 

›  Learn how to describe their strong points and show enthusiasm (without cringing) 

›  Understand how to ‘click’ with the interviewer

They receive a workbook full of additional resources that will continue to be useful until the day of the interview. 

The workshop is not a hot house, nor a boot camp. The warm inclusive atmosphere makes us stand out from some other interview preparation experiences.

We can provide a workshop at your school, on a date that suits your timetable. Alternatively, candidates can sign up for one of our open workshops, and work alongside a small group of like-minded peers.

Drop us a line to enquire about arranging a workshop for your school, or find out about our open workshops.


Online learning

We’d love to meet all the people we can help with their Oxbridge application face-to-face. It gives us the chance to answer your specific questions and support your particular needs. If that isn’t possible though, we’d love to help anyway. We’ll soon be launching online courses that will let you benefit from the expertise at Impetus Coaching wherever you are in the world. Contact us today and ask to have your name added to the pre-launch, early access list for our courses. Spaces will be limited on our online seminars.  

And while you’re waiting, check out our online resources for some top tips. 


“An excellent part of preparation for interviews, dealing with stress and confidence building, whether for specific applications or more general personal development.”

Careers and Higher Education Adviser, St Clare’s, Oxford