MMIs (special interviews for medics) top tips

//MMIs (special interviews for medics) top tips

For prospective medics, Oxbridge still follows a traditional interview style. Many other universities are swapping to a different format known as the MMI (Multi Mini Interview). It’s worth preparing yourself for the approaches used by all the universities to which you’re applying.

Ten top tips for your MMI role play:

Ask yourself…

  • “where are you?”: set the scene
  • “who are you with?”: match your communication style to the situation and person you are talking to
  • “what needs to be said?”: identify the main aims of the conversation
  • “how long have I got?”: make sure your aims are achieved in the time allotted

Tell yourself…

“don’t forget to listen”: it’s not all about talking

And remember…

  • use open questions if you need to encourage your role play partner to talk
  • offer suggestions rather than dictate solutions
  • don’t be afraid of silence
  • reflect back & check back: paraphrase your conversation partner to show you are listening and check
  • that you have understood correctly
  • aim to finish positively
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