Where do I start with my background reading?

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There are many books on many reading lists. And many websites. And a huge number newspapers, journals and magazines. Trying to make a start in between homework and the rest of life can seem daunting. Here are a few ways to start…

Make a list of all the obvious targets… suggested reading lists, books recommended by your teacher, the obvious journals/magazines (eg New Scientist/ The Lancet/ The Historian). It can’t possibly be exhaustive so don’t try to list everything on the internet!

Expand the range of your list by doing some book shop browsing (real or virtual). Pop into Amazon’s search bar “Popular books” and follow your nose (you don’t have to buy from Amazon… but their algorithms are good for pottering). Then look up a book you already read and found fascinating, scroll down to ‘other books you may like’. Add those to your list.

If you follow anyone on social media in your field, keep your eye out for their recommendations, or – if you’re feeling bold – ask them! Add that to your list.

It doesn’t have always to be reading. Check this out for some alternative, broadcast-based, ideas (not just relevant to oxbridge). Podcasts and MOOCs can also go on your list.

Spend a set amount of time constructing your list, say half an hour, and then pick the most accessible/attractive/easiest and start there.  

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