Do you talk too quickly? Here’s your chance to milk it

//Do you talk too quickly? Here’s your chance to milk it

When practising for an academic interview, some candidates find themselves talking really fast. This can make them difficult to understand, and gives them little time to organise their thoughts.

One of my Oxbridge interview coaching clients recently admitted this long-standing habit is the result of classroom dynamics. When her teacher asks a question, she wants to put her point across, but doesn’t want to be the obnoxious swot who hogs the floor and won’t shut up. She talks quickly to get it over with.

The good news is that for those who love to chat about the finer points of particle physics, medieval history or the likely long term effects of Brexit, the academic interview is an opportunity to indulge yourself. Milk it. It’s your chance talk about what you love, where your enthusiasm will be appreciated. And you’ll help the interviewers see you’re the candidate they’re looking for.

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