Don’t know the answer? That’s the good bit

//Don’t know the answer? That’s the good bit

Interview candidates for elite universities are often scared of difficult questions and unfamiliar topics. But when they understand what the interviewers are looking for, the prospect become less daunting. 

If you’ve applied to Oxbridge and made it to interview, it’s a given that you’re in the ball park when it comes to knowledge of your subject. What the interviewers really want to know is whether you have the kind of brain that likes to be stretched. 

Here’s why.

Due to the way teaching goes at Oxbridge, undergrads regularly find themselves way out of their depth. So, to make sure places are offered to the people best suited to cope in that kind of learning environment, interviewers will (gently) dangle you in at the deep end to see how you respond.

Once you understand that, and get a bit of practice playing around outside your academic comfort zone, the prospect of the difficult question quickly becomes something to relish rather than dread. 

All you need to do is recognise that the moment you don’t know the answer, is the moment you can show them what they’re looking for. 

To learn more about what Oxbridge interviewers are looking for, check the workshops we’re running.

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