Oxbridge curious?

//Oxbridge curious?

It’s tempting to think it’s possible to work out the perfect UCAS choices from behind a pile of prospectuses, in the comfort of one’s own bedroom. But while information is important, so is the feel of the course, the institution, and the people you’ll be interacting with.   

Go and speak to some current undergraduates about college life, ask the admission tutors what they are looking for, and chat with lecturers about what the courses are like. To make this easier and less daunting, each spring, both Oxford and Cambridge universities round up a bunch of their staff and students and bring them together for the benefit of Year 12 prospective candidates, for free. If you are in the least bit curious, this is a great place to start.

For more thoughts on getting a feel for Oxbridge or any other elite institution when you visit, check out this article.

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